Need basic RAID info

Eric Belhomme eric.belhomme at
Tue Oct 5 10:30:01 CDT 2004

BHohl at a écrit :

These questions are not Linux specific, as raid is managed directly by 
hardware. So to configure RAID installation, you have to enter into the 
RAID BIOS Setup at boot time (CTRL + A). Here you can manage your RAID 
enclosures set spare disks, etc.

> Firstly, how to add and configure a failover disk (hot spare).  I can't
> find any howto like examples in the Dell CLI Guide and I am having
> difficulty understanding if for RAID-5 I should be using:
> AFA0> controller set automatic_failover /failover_enbled=true
> or
> AFA0> container set global_failover <SCSI device ID>
> Secondly, how to replace a "failed" RAID disk in the case where there are
> no fail over disks (hot spares).  What command shows the status of RAID
> being rebuilt?

Simply remove the disk marked as failed, and insert a new one. The RAID 
adapter will automatically rebuild the RAID volume.

> Thirdly, how to replace a failover disk (hot spare) that was used by the
> RAID-5 after failure of a RAID disk.
that's the same. Simply replace de failed disk. The RAID controller will 
do its job...

> Thanks to any one who has such a write up and can provide it, or can
> outline the basic procedure, or can point me to Dell docs that cover these
> items.

Look at these pages :


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