PE2650 with Broadcom : disconnection !

Eric Belhomme eric.belhomme at
Tue Oct 5 01:03:01 CDT 2004


I just installed a new PE2650 with a GNU/Linux Debian Woody 
distribution. As the "bf24" kernel that come on the official debian 
CD-set does not provide support for Broadcom Gigabit NIC, I built my own 
kernel, with the last version of 2.4.x branch (2.4.27) picked up on

So I added support for :
- ServerWorks chipset
- aacraid
- broadcom tigon3

The new kernel boots up fine, tg3 module is loaded successfully, and 
networking if ok.

I installed openssh on with server (like the 2 other servers PE2450 with 
Intel NICs that runs under Linux) and I have a problem with ssh 
connections : connections are mysteriously reseted by server, I don't 
know why, and there are nothing on kernel log messages.

I don't believe this is a tg3 driver issue because i have a DELL laptop 
with this NIC chipset that works fine on Linux Debian, so maybe there is 
something to configure on BIOS setup, or a kernel option I forgotten ?



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