ERA/O troubles (a crashed adapter) - remote flash

Neil at
Mon Oct 4 11:40:01 CDT 2004

I give no warranty and I'm not sure this will work if you card is really up 
the spout but...

I flash ERA/0's on 2650's remotely using PowerEdge::RAC and a tftp server

and the following (based on the script that comes with PowerEdge::RAC)

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

eval 'exec /usr/bin/perl -w -S $0 ${1+"$@"}'
    if 0; # not running under some shell
use strict;
use PowerEdge::RAC qw(prompt);

my ($host, $user, $pass, $ip, $dir) = ('') x 5;

print 'Example script to update the firmware on a RAC card.'. "\n";

if ($ARGV[0]) {
} else {
$host = prompt('Enter the RAC card\'s IP address : ','');
$host = "192.168.254.$host" unless $host =~ /\./;

$user ||= 'root';
$pass ||= 'calvin';

my $server = new PowerEdge::RAC(
      host => $host,
      user => $user,
      password => $pass,

my ($def_ip, $def_dir);
print 'Getting defaults from the RAC ...'."\n";
my $c = $server->config('TFTP_ADDR_FIRMWARE', 'TFTP_FIRMWARE_FILE');
$ip  = '';
$dir = '/racfirmware/';

my $h = $server->sysinfo('Host Name') || 'no set';
warn "\nStarting RAC firmware update on $host (name: $h) now!\n";
warn "Press Ctrl-c within five seconds to abort\n";

$| = 1;
for (1..5) { print "."; sleep 1; };

print "\n". 'Updating firmware'. "\n";
print 'Transfering image ..';

my $r = $server->fwupdate($ip, $dir);

print 'Done.'. "\n";

On Monday 04 Oct 2004 15:47, Taneli Leppä wrote:
> Hello,
> We had our server crash this afternoon. We have the ERA/O module in it
> (good), but I was unable to reboot the server using it (bad).
> The web interface was hanging at login (I managed to load the login
> screen once which took about 15 minutes, but I was unable to continue
> from there). After 30 minutes of trying to log in, the RAC adapter
> stopped responding altogether. So we power-cycled the server physically.
> But that's apparently not enough to snap the RAC adapter back to
> its senses: the PPP connection is not established (the adapter
> does not respond) and loading esm.o simply says:
> Unable to initialize the ESM device driver, major number: 253
> I spoke to Dell support and they suggested trying to re-flash the
> adapter using a floppy (maybe the floppy has some sort of special
> connection to the adapter) from the server console. However, each
> visit to the hosting site costs us money and time.
> The server is a production system so powering it and waiting for the ERA
> battery to drain is out of question. What can we do? Simply ask for a
> new adapter?

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