temperature sensor locations for PE1750

Stuart_Hayes@Dell.com Stuart_Hayes at Dell.com
Mon Oct 4 11:05:01 CDT 2004

The ambient temperature sensor on the 1750 is on the control panel
(behind the power button).  The BP bottom temp should be a temperature
sensor on the bottom side of the internal SCSI backplane.


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Subject: temperature sensor locations for PE1750

Does anyone have a diagram that shows where in a 1750 the temperature
sensors are?  Or at least the 'ambient' temperature sensor.  I've been
working with monitoring the temperature of my cluster of 1750's, and in
doing so I've found that it might be useful to know where the sensors
are, and how much the 'ambient' sensor might be affected by heat
produced by the system.

And since I'm talking about temperature sensors on the 1750, does anyone
know what 'BP Bottom Temp' means?  That's the name given by openmanage
for one of the temperature sensors and I'd love to know what it actually



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