Perc3/Di, another one failing.

Samuel J Stanaitis sstanaitis at
Sat Oct 2 06:56:44 CDT 2004

A few months back I had a Perc3/Di card in one of my PE2650's running RHEL3
with kernel 2.4.21-4.ELsmp start giving me the I/O errors.  Long story
short, after a ton of troubleshooting, I ended up getting a Perc4/Di card.
Now another server at the same location is doing the same thing.  I
apologize if this issue has been flogged to death, but I was wondering if a
definitive fix for this problem has been determined.  It looks like as our
traffic increases the remaining 2 servers at the location are going to
require the fix, thankfully only one of them failed this time and the
load-balancer kept everything working with the backup server.  I've attached
a screen-shot from the RAC card.  I've tested the drives with Dell's utility
and they're fine.





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