remote access to pe2850

Neil at
Fri Oct 1 11:26:08 CDT 2004

aha :)

got it going now (with 1.5.9 as you suggested), much reading before I 
understand it though

during power failures the era card still work (as they have a battery) and can 
tell me that there is no power, does this?

Many many thanks

On Friday 01 Oct 2004 16:16, Tim_T_Murphy at wrote:
> > I don't get how to connect to it though, am I using a serial
> > cable or utp? where am I connecting it ?
> Once you setup the LAN settings in the BMC config, use either
> SOL proxy (remote console) or ipmitool (remote monitoring).
> for SOL proxy:
> - install/run it on a system in the same subnet as the server(rmcp uses
> UDP) - telnet <solproxy-host> 623
> - follow the directions
> for ipmitool:
> - use args: -Ilan -H<BMC-LAN-IP> -U<BMC-user> ...
> - if ipmitool 1.6.0 fails, try using ipmitool 1.5.9
>   (a 1.6.0 patch is forthcoming)
> > is this a hardware address used across the serial cable some how?
> the NIC has a 'side-band' internal connection, see IPMI v1.5 spec chap 12.
> basically, any RMCP packets received from the LAN external i/f are copied
> to the internal side-band i/f, which the BMC is attached to.
> tim
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