remote access to pe2850

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Fri Oct 1 06:27:01 CDT 2004


Many thanks for this,

I see that console access works without the drac card. I presume it works 
without the era card on 2650's to if I connected to com2 (and didn't have the 
era grabbing com2). Then I could get a serial switch and connect to that via 

I'm a little confused by this RMCP/IPMI stuff

Can I power the system on/off regardless of the operating systems state? 
(similar to racadm's serveraction hardreset)  How to I connect to it?

I currently use the era remotely to setup bios / raid bios and then use 
dhcp/tftp to build the server (I think raid bios menus rely on video 

I also do reboots remotely 

I presume without the drac I don't get video buffer access (and I presume with 
it I would?)

I liked the power solution acticles about remote access / era cards, perhaps 
there will be some about this one day soon?

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> Neil,
> You can get a remote serial console to the 2850 without DRAC4 via SOL
> proxy (found on the CD that comes with the 2850 -- search for
> 'osabmc*.rpm').  SOL proxy uses IPMI 'serial over lan' and RMCP.
> There's some setup required, read any doc from the rpm, and also the
> 'BMC User Guide' (BMCUG401.pdf).  You may also want to check out
> IPMItool 1.6.0 for remotely monitoring your IPMI v1.5-compliant 2850.
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> > hello
> > 
> > Anyone have 2650's and a 2850 with the drac 4 card or in the know...
> > 
> > Does the drac 4 card give video access in a similar way to the ERA/0
> > card on the 2650
> > 
> > I got a 2850 without only to find it without the era network interface,
> > shock horror :)
> > 
> > Time to decide whether to get the cards with all new servers or move
> > using a serial switch for new machines (have ~20 1/2650's using era cards 
> > I've gone quite a way down that road so far)
> > 
> > I might get a DRAC-4 installed just to see, is it engineer install?
> > 
> > Feel free to tell me which documentation to go read :)
> > 
> > TIA
> > 
> > Neil

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