Can't attach shared memory

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Mon Jul 12 11:00:01 CDT 2004

Bonjour Jean Lofts,
> Dear All
> I have a PE2600 with Debian stable installed - kernel 2.4.26. The system
> has been operational for over two months. I'm not aware of any problems
> with it (apart from ntp synchronisation which has recently been
> discussed here). Today, I noticed the following message on the console
> Can't attach shared memory(key=0x64), errno=12 

	#define ENOMEM          12      /* Out of memory */

	A process is requesting "special" shared memory and
	you are out if it...
	try command  (as root)
	ipcs -t
	to see how much memory is already used
	you can change the size of avail memory via
	variable in /proc/syc/kernel/shmall

> This gets repeated every 10sec or so.
> I've no idea how long the message has been appearing, as I rarely look
> at the console and there is no sign of it in any of the logs. I've tried
> googling for the message with no success. Any pointers would be much
> appreciated.
> Jean Lofts
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