Problem on HD performance with 2600 server. (compared to 1750 ) Chris_Purcell at
Fri Jan 30 06:46:01 CST 2004

Xose Vazquez Perez a dit :
> Are you sure that two PERC RAID are the same (not the same DELL-name 
> but the HARDWARE) ? try # lspci ; echo ; lspci -n

See atachment file for full version.
Raid hardware is not strictly the same, but very close.
2600 Raid:
08:08.0 Class 0104: 1028:000e (rev 01)
1750 Raid:
04:03.0 Class 0104: 1028:000f (rev 02)

> Did you compile the kernel in the 2600 with HIGHMEM support?



The RAID hardware is not strictly the same, but it isn't EVEN close to the
same unless both machines have PCI raid controllers.

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