FOLLOWUP : 2650 & RHEL Freezes (Randomly & Without Logging)

Kevin Stussman kevins at
Wed Jan 28 16:19:01 CST 2004

Thanks to everyone who replied to my plea for help. Here is a summary to
what is still an ongoing issue:

This redhat bug closely matches the problem and provides a few hints on
how to fix:

Some suggestions are:

- Use software raid (stop using aacraid on the Perc3)
- Upgrading the firmware on the SCSI drives (yes, drives)
- changing container from 'Volume' to 'Raid0' on the controller.

Several people suggested that running Postgres (or Mysql) on the Perc
would cause the problem to occur. We have Oracle running a few tables on
the drives and decided to stress that (but no reaction so far).

I have opened a bug w/ RedHat just to get on their radar. Since we
cannot reproduce this, it will be tough to know if it gets fixed, but
hopefully something will change.


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