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Wed Jan 28 09:11:00 CST 2004

Which kernel are you running for RHEL 2.1?  Also are you sure that your
switch is properly zoned?  It sounds like both 2650s can see the storage and
that the issue on the second node might have to do with your powerpath
configuration.  Are there any differences between /etc/modules.conf from the
two nodes?


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> Subject: Mounting multiple CX400s
> Hi, I'm new to the list and don't see much about CX series storage
> arrays.  I hope someone can help me.
> I would like to make LUNs from 2 different CX400s available on a
> PowerEdge 2650 server running RHAS 2.1.  The 2650 has 2 qlogic 2300
> HBAs connected into the fabric and we're using powerpath (3.0.3-065)
> for availability.
> The CX400 Storage Groups are actually shared so that I can do 
> this with
> 2 different PE2650 servers.  The idea is that I'm setting up a HA
> cluster.
> In the Navisphere ( GUI Storage Groups-LUNs section, I see
> the LUNs, hostnames, and assigned powerpath pseudodevice on 
> one CX400. 
> The other CX400 lists the LUNs and hostnames but it's not assigning
> emcpower pseudodevices.  How can I get the second CX400 to make it's
> LUNs available to the linux servers?  I've rebooted the linux server
> and it doesn't help.
> (Screenshot at )
> I hope this is clear.  I'm more than welcome to expand my 
> explainations,
> provide output, diagrams, read more manuals, etc.  I've seen that you
> can't share multiple Storage Groups in the SAME CX400... I need the
> servers to speak to 1 storage group on each CX400.
> Thanks!
> Brian
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