RAC port as boot console - possible?

Eugene Crosser crosser at rol.ru
Thu Jan 22 04:47:00 CST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 12:20, Mark Watts wrote:

> > I wonder if it could be possible to use RAC serial port as a serial
> > console for LILO/ISOLINUX and as the kernel console (to receive boot
> > messages).
> >
> > I understand that from within Linux you normally need to setup the port
> > with setserial, having previously determined it's IRQ and IO addresses
> > from lspci.  Lilo uses BIOS calls (?) to talk to the port, so it is
> > probably necessary that BIOS initialize the port assigning it well known
> > IO/IRQ settings, e.g. 0x02f8/3 for com2.  Is it possible to achieve?  Or
> > maybe there is some other way?
> >
> > VGA redirection looks too glitchy to use it in real life...
> >
> > Oh yes, the servers I am talking about are 1750s.
> >
> Don't the 1750's have a bios option to setup one of the serial ports for 
> console redirection?

"Real" serial port, yes.  But I want to redirect console to the
"virtual" RAC port, the one accessible over the management ethernet.


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