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try something like this or there are similar products....  google for em!

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This isn't directly Linux related, but I'm confident someone on this list
can tell me the answer.

We want to add a BayTech RPC unit to give us the ability to remotely reboot
the servers if they hang (yeah, I know OMSA is supposed to watch for hangs
and reboot, but the only SURE way to power cycle a machine is to yank the
plugs). I guess I can slip some Linux content in here by saying that we're
considering using heartbeat in the future, which has BayTech RPC support. :)

Anyway, my problem is that with the 2450 and the 2550, power cycling them
requires a physical button press on the server to initiate the boot. Our
datacenter is an hour away, and we don't want to have to call the on-call
tech, describe the machine, and then have them send someone into the vault
just to press a button.

Anyone have a creative solution to power cycling a PowerEdge without
requiring a human? I would think there should be a BIOS setting to override,
but I couldn't find one.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Jenkins
"Cheat" Executive Officer - 

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