PE6650 Just Hangs

Jay Haque jhaque at
Tue Jan 20 11:30:01 CST 2004

Thanks for the info.

We used Netperf to hammer the Broadcom gig port.  In about ten minutes the
server went bye-bye... no keyboard, no video, no network.
I feel a lot better now that we can reproduce the problem. We had a
conversation with a Dell tech earlier. He suggested installing the Broadcom
BCM5700 Linux Driver V. 6.0.5.

We'll give this a shot and see how it goes.

If anyone else has tried this please share your experience. Everything I've
read so far leads me to believe this solution is too easy.

Thank You,


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Jay Haque wrote:

> Found this thread at Bugzilla:
> Most of you
> probablly seen it already. It discuss the tg3 driver mentioned by Jim.
> It looks like the tg3 is the culprit. Anyone know of any good torture
> testing tools I can use to reproduce the problem? I'd hate to upgrade the
> Kernel and then have the problem reappear.

tg3 in latest RHL errata kernel should be stable.

(deja vu) There are lots of NET tools:



net-stress -

pktgen -

I like NetPIPE and nuttcp(latest son of ttcp).

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