NTP problems - questions

Jim Laverty jim at wangtrading.com
Thu Jan 15 12:03:01 CST 2004

We have many Dell 1650s with the builtin Perc/3 (Di) and PCI based Perc/3s
(DC) running ntp without any issues using Red Hat 7.x and Red Hat 9.

Do you have iptables running on the server?  If so, is ntp allowed?

Do you have an internal Cisco router that you can use as a time source just
for testing?

What does your ntp.conf file contain?

What do you see in ntpq, if you 'lpeers'?

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> This is frustrating...
> NTP: I couldn't get it working with 7.2 with various kernels, and 
> various NTP packages, and now still can't get it working with 2.1AS...
> This is on a SMP Dell PE 1650 with a 3Di controller.  I was able to 
> get ntp working on the same system, except it did not have the 3Di 
> controller. This leads me to believe there may be some kind of 
> conflict regarding NTP and the 3Di drivers...

I've not seen any such problems with the 3/Di's we have in some of our
running ntp on Mandrake 9.1 (2.4.21)


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