drive in PE2650, hot swappable?

Christian christian.waymouth at
Wed Jan 14 05:08:17 CST 2004

Thanks for the information

I issued the "enclosure prepare slot 0 1" and the light went off on the
dirve and "enclosure show slot 0" said that the drive was NONACTIVE

So the drive was safe to remove and replace

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Steve and Christian,

You're right in that they SHOULD be hot-swapable.  That's what the marketing
folks will tell you.

Tech support, however, will tell you that if you try it you will probably
corrupt your array.  You MUST do the enclosure prepare command that Jason
mentioned.  If you don't, you may have a long week ahead.  This was learned
in a very long week of downtime caused by a drive failure in a SCSI array.
According to the Dell technician, because I didn't do the enclosure prepare
before the drive failed, the array was hosed.  (I asked him how I was
supposed to run that command before an unexpected failure and he didn't have
an answer.)

I have tried to tell Dell that this amounts to false advertising, but
they're still doing it.  It's just another reason to throw out the Dell RAID
cards and buy real ones.  The drives and slots really are hot-swappable,
it's the RAID cards that can't handle unexpected drive status changes.

My $0.02.


>>> "Steve Jenkins" <stevej at> 01/12/04 05:24PM >>>
They should be hot swappable. In a RAID 5 array, you should be able to pull
a dead drive, insert a new one, and have it rebuild the fully redundant
array on the fly and without powering down or rebooting. That's the whole
idea of having RAID 5 arrays and hot swappable bays.


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after trying the advise from Dell tech. support about my failed hard drive
in our RAID5 array, Dell are going to send me a replacement drive tomorrow

what I would like to know is: are the drives in a PE2650 hot swappable, is
this aviseable, or would I be better off powering down, swapping and

many thanks for any information,


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