2 Gig-E cards 1 IP Address

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue Jan 13 16:34:01 CST 2004

From: Abe Hayhurst [mailto:abe at wedographics.com] 
> What is the performance like with the 2-GB bidirectional 
> link? My PE4600 is dual 2.0 GHz Xeons. I have yet to see
> more than 20% CPU utilization on the server. If I go the
> Etherchannel, do I still get the adaptive fault tolerance
> or does my network connection die if I lose more than 1
> link?

Etherchannel will tolerate a link failure, the negative
is both links have to go to the same switch so if it
isn't as redundant as your server, you have a weak link.
> Are there any dual Gig-E controllers that can do
> Etherchannel? Would they handle it on the card, so
> that it doesn't pound one of the CPUs with interrupts?

The only way to decrease the interrupts if to increase
the frame size, or use a TCP-offloading network card
of which I don't think there is one available for linux
that's stable yet.


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