POP-Auth suggestions?

Steve Jenkins stevej at cheatcodes.com
Tue Jan 13 10:49:00 CST 2004

Although this isn't directly a PE issue, I figured there was sure to be
someone on this list who has figured this out.

We're running three separate mail servers for three separate domains (2x2450

We're running RH9 and the built-in sendmail and POP server.

On a previous BSD system, we had a utility called "popauth" that added an IP
address to the /etc/mail/access file to allow mail relaying once a
successfully authenticated POP3 connection had been made. We've tried 3 or 4
different methods of replicating this on our mail servers, with no success.
Sometimes these utilities just die, or they rely on additional files which
require sendmail.cf to be messed with.

All I'm looking for is a reliable way to allow users with dynamic IPs to be
able to check their mail, and then send mail through the server.

Anyone point me at reliable solutions? I'm surprised this isn't already
built into RH9 (or maybe it is and I don't know where to look).

Thanks in advance,


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