pe2650 running linux kernel 2.4.23 crashes

Tim Granger Tim.Granger at
Fri Jan 9 11:24:01 CST 2004

I can't see anything about this in the archives, so after several days of 
frustration have decided to post and see if anyone has had any experience that 
might help.

We've got several 2650s, with PERC 3/QC cards, running RH9.

After updating the various bios and firmwares that I can find (main BIOS to 
A17, ERA firware to 3.00, PERC BIOS to 1.92) and installing the latest 
openmanage software (the 1.6 release from 11/24/2003), we have a problem in 
running the latest kernel releases.

One machine, which has hardware version A04, crashes for releases 2.4.23 or 
later (but is fine for 2.4.22), it's got a single PERC card connected to 2 
PV220S arrays each in split bus mode (each PV array is raid50, with two raid5 
sets on each half of the split bus).  It crashes (as in hard kernel wedge, call 
trace printed, etc) just after starting up the dellomsa service (or shortly 
after in some cases).

The second machine, has hardware version A05 seems to be fine for 2.4.23 and 
later (well, it hasn't crashed yet...).  It's currently connected to a single 
PV220S array in single bus mode (with 1 drive missing, 1 hot spare, 12 disks as 
a single raid5 set).

Both are currently running the default megaraid driver for the relevant kernels 
tested (ie not megaraid2), although changing to megaraid2 doesn't stop the 
first machine crashing.

Is this a known problem or limitation or have I missed something fairly 
obvious?  What difference between the two machines causes the first to crash?  
I can give more configuration details if that would help find the cause of the 

Many thanks to anyone that can shed light on this and ease my suffering.

Tim Granger

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