Managing multiple PE servers through DOMSA - can it be done?

Guy Waugh gwaugh at
Wed Jan 7 17:44:59 CST 2004

Hi there,

I'm trying to get DOMSA set up to monitor (and possibly later control) my 
six Dell PowerEdge servers running RedHat 7.2. I have installed DOMSA on 
the machine that I want to be the 'management station', and thought that I 
could set the other 5 servers up to be managed through the DOMSA interface 
running out of my management station. From my reading this morning, though, 
it appears that to do this, you need to install IT Assistant on the 
'managed stations', and that IT Assistant is released for Windows only. If 
this is incorrect, please let me know...

If I can't run IT Assistant on linux, is there any other way to manage all 
my servers from one 'management station', either using DOMSA or some other 
product? I know I can set up something with MRTG/RRD-Tool, but if I could 
use DOMSA or something similar, it would save me lots of time and mucking 

Thanks for any thoughts,

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