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I tested my 2650 (400Mhz with 4gig of memory) with Memtest v3.1.  First
pass failed.  Then shut off sequential memory access and hyper-threading
in bios.  The test still failed at around the last .8M of memory.  Went
in and turn off bios support for the USB controller and right now I have
not received any additional errors however the test is not complete.
Before I can be sure I would like to go back in an enable the Sequential
memory access and hyper-threading options since they are still disabled.


My test is at 20% of test 3.

Prior to this I would get failures at 2% of test 1.

I will let you know how it turns out.


Jason Mick



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    Is anybody successfully running Memtest86 v3.1a on a Dell PowerEdge

I have ran memtest on serveral server works boxes and they all failed
the last MB of memory. The address space ended in the same digits no
matter the memory config.

I do not know why, I emailed the dev. doing Memtest86+ and he stated
they did not have any dev. info on RCC Serverworks etc. but had heard of
the issue.



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