Problem with installing another HD Jason_Mick at
Thu Apr 29 11:37:46 CDT 2004

When you reconfigured you container did you specify a new partition
size?  If not the reconfig will keep the RAID set the same size as
before just include the new disk in the array.  I made this mistake on
the first reconfig I did.  Here is a link to the AFACLI doc in case you
need to syntax.


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After installing another HD to the server we ran afa0,  then 
reconfigured the raid,and then scrubed container, but we sill have the 
same amount of space on the system as before.  I can see the drive, but 
not the extra space from the new drive.  This is a poweredge 2650, 
raid5.  Is there any thing i can do to see the extra space?  

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