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Thu Apr 29 10:50:00 CDT 2004

Yes, I've just upgraded 3 systems with PERC 3/di's(6300, 2650, and a 1650) 
to the 2.8 firmware, and they all worked fine with the stock RHEL3 
kernels(2.4.21-9EL from Update 1).  I did promptly install the 1.1.4 
driver though, so I can't attest to any long term stability.

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04/29/2004 04:48 AM

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New Perc 3/di firmware

There is an new firmware relase (2.8.0) for the PERC 3/di. Is it safe to 
upgrade from 2.7.1[1] and will it work with the aacraid driver from 
RHEL 3 kernels?


[1] Yes, I am aware of the BIOS requirement.

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