Removal of SCSI drive

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Thu Apr 29 07:31:00 CDT 2004

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> Tom Knight wrote:
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> > When using Windows I've always turned power off when adding and removing
> > external SCSI devices, but do I have to do this with Linux?
> This is not a question of which OS you use. Instead I think there are
> electrical issues here: attaching and deattaching SCSI units might
> damage the card or the SCSI unit you want to connect. From what I
> remember is your ordinary SCSI bus designed to be configured when not
> powered up.
> Hot-swap disks are another issue: they have special connectors that
> ensures that certain connectors are connected before others by using
> different lengths on the physical pins. Hairy stuff.
> Bottom line is that from what I know I would not do it. I'd love to be
> proved wrong but what I gathered when I bought my 2600 was that the Dell
> techician did not recommend this practice.

Y'know, I'm glad I asked.....

Thanks for the advice,


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