OMSA : unresolved symbol local_bh_enable

Xavier Poinsard xpoinsard at
Thu Apr 29 05:27:24 CDT 2004

David ROBERT wrote:
> Xavier Poinsard wrote:
>> I manage to get it working with kernels 2.4.24 and 2.4.25 using 
>> backports found at
> Can you please tell me which backports did you install ?
kernel image and source (since you need to generate modversions.h etc..)
deb stable kernel-image-2.4.24-i386
deb stable kernel-source-2.4.24
> Did you have before the same problem I have ? (unresolved symbols
> in esm.o)
Yes and I think newer kernels solve it since this compilation problem is 
probably related to kernel patch from RedHat included later in official 

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