OT: do Dell E172FP flat panel displays work w/o hassle on linux?

Tom Georgoulias tom.georgoulias at freescale.com
Wed Apr 28 08:56:00 CDT 2004

This is slightly off-topic, but there are enough smart Linux on Dell 
users that I thought I'd ask anyway in the event someone can give me a 
quick answer.

I'm considering buying a flat panel display for my home computer and the 
Dell E172FP 17" LCD has caught my eye.  Should I expect any gotchas in 
trying to get it set up (using Red Hat 9 or Fedora Core 1), or will it 
just work out of the box and easily get 1280x1024 with my Radeon 7500 
graphics card?  I noticed that Dell is offering that model with systems 
that are certified to run RHEL3 WS, so my current line of thinking is 
that it should work just fine.

Thanks for any help.

Tom Georgoulias
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