Replace PERC3/DC with PERC4/DC ?

Seth Mos seth.mos at
Wed Apr 28 03:58:13 CDT 2004

At 12:52 27-4-2004 -0700, Abe Hayhurst wrote:
>I am considering replacing two PERC3/DC cards with two PERC4/DC cards.
>My main reason for replacing them is try to increaser performance
>(MB/sec). All my access is sequential reads and writes of large (200
>MB+) files.

Good, choice. This should make a pretty large difference in performance and 

>Any experiences, thoughts, or guesses? How much difference are the PERC4
>cards making in performance?

in some cases a factor of 2~3. I get 170MB/sec reads and 80MB/sec writes on 
a 6 disk raid 10.
These are 15K rpm disks though, the 10K rpm disks should have a higher 
sustained transfer rate.

This is based on a Perc4/Di which is onboard a PE2600. The add-in boards 
are a newer generation Perc4 controller and the Perc4/Di which is onboard 
the 1750 is the newest afaik.

They have one thing in common though, they perform a _lot_ better.


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