Replace PERC3/DC with PERC4/DC ?

Abe Hayhurst abe at
Tue Apr 27 14:52:01 CDT 2004

I am considering replacing two PERC3/DC cards with two PERC4/DC cards.
My main reason for replacing them is try to increaser performance
(MB/sec). All my access is sequential reads and writes of large (200
MB+) files.

One of the cards currently has 8 disks (2 channels with 4 disks each)
that are configured as two RAID 1 volumes (using 2 drives each) and one
RAID 10 volume (using 4 drives). The other card has 8 disks (2 channels
with 4 disks each) configured as one RAID 10 volume (using 8 drives).
The 8 drive RAID 10 volume is what I am really hoping to speed up. I
currently get about 40 - 50 MB/sec. If each 10K RPM SCSI drive is
capable of sustained read/writes of at least 30 - 40 MB/sec I should be
able to get 120 MB/sec reads and writes no problem. No problem except
for the PERC3 card that is.

Any experiences, thoughts, or guesses? How much difference are the PERC4
cards making in performance?


Abe Hayhurst
We Do Graphics Inc.
1150 N. Main St.
Orange, CA 92867

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