Recommendation for gigabit NIC

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Tue Apr 27 13:58:00 CDT 2004

> > Can you extrapolate a little?  I've got a few of these running on my
> > Poweredge Servers, using tg3.
> >
> We have 16 1750's, each with the Broadcom NIC and a 2650 
> acting as the master.
> We haven't had any problems with the NIC in the 2650.  For 
> the 1750's, we've
> tried both the tg3 drivers and the bcm5700 drivers and the 
> results were similar.
> Basically, when the I/O channel reaches 2GB of traffic, 
> things stop for awhile. 
> After 50 seconds, things start working again.  After that 
> point, things time out
> for 50 seconds at random intervals.
> I've seen numerous reports of this in the thread.  Switching 
> drivers or
> resetting drivers probably only helps in that it is resetting the I/O
> counter to zero.  

I agree the Intels are the safer bet, but I'm curious to find out what
version tg3 driver you were using?  Were you using the most recent kernel
tg3 driver?  I'm certain if you were there are a few kernel developers that
would be interested to find this information out.

Thanks much for the info,


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