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The rebuild time is hard to measure.  It depends on the activity of the
server at the time of failure/rebuild.  I would guess about 3-4 hours
with the server at minimal use.

As far as the drive...  The short answer is: Yes, if you purchase a
drive from Dell with the intent to upgrade the server the drive is now
covered under the warranty that is on the server.  I would recommend
that you keep your order number that you purchased the drive on so that
the technician with Dell knows the drive came from us and it is not a
third party drive. 


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Any idea or rough estimate how long it takes to rebuild a drive? They
are 73
GB 10k RPM drives on a 3 GHz Xeon with 1.5 GB ram. I am assuming the
is automatic, correctly me if I am wrong.

Also not sure if anyone knows the answer to this as it is more a sales /
warranty issue. If I were to buy an identical 4th drive to the 3 that
currently in my system (that is covered by a 3 years, 4 hour parts and
support contract), does this drive get the same support if it were to
or would it have its own support contract that may be next day


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1. Yes you could lose more then one drive if the hotspare had the time
to complete the rebuild before the next drive fell off line.  
As an Example: Let say that drive 0 fell off line.  Drive 3 would jump
in and rebuild taking over for drive 0.  If drive 2 failed prior to the
rebuild completing on drive 3 then the server would fail.  You cannot
lose more then one drive in a RAID 5 set.  

2. As far as setting this up with out losing data.  Yes you can.  Either
by using the AFACLI or by using the control-a bios utility.

In my experience if you have more then one drive fail in a short period
of time like over a weekend then there is something more then just a
drive at fault.


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I have a 2650 with the PERC3-DI card doing Raid 5 (73 GB x 3). I want to
a 4th 73 GB drive (same drive from Dell) so that I have a hot spare.

I have 2 questions...

1) If I add a 4th drive as a hot spare, I can afford to lose 2 hard
and still be running fine with no data loss on the other 2 drives right?
do not want to add additional storage space, but just use this 4th drive
a "hot spare" (I think this is the right term?) so I can afford to lose
additional drive (I don't want to be out of town and worry if 1 drive
that another will too before I can get back to fix it, the chance 2 go
during a week seems very unlikely to me).

2) This server is currently a live server running my email and web site.
I add this 4th drive into the array without rebuilding linux? I can
to reboot it (which I assume I will need to do to get into the Raid
utilities to add it) but I do not want it to be down for an entire day
reinstall linux and configure it.


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