Poor X server performance w/ 2650

Sellek, Greg GSellek at NameProtect.com
Tue Apr 27 13:11:05 CDT 2004

We have recently deployed a new 2650 running RH ES for our development
staff.  They are all using an X window client on their windows machines
and are reporting very slow response times for their GUI environment.  X
terminals are slow to respond and in general the machine is very
sluggish when it comes to X operations.  CPU util is very low (under

We had no problems on an old Dell Precision 620 (Dual 800 Mhz).  The
only difference I can think of is that the Precision had a dedicated
video card w/ 32 MB of RAM and the 2650 has an embedded card w/ 8MB.  

I'm curious if anyone out there has noticed these symptoms on a 2650?
Or, more to the point, if there is a way I can keep me developers from
running down to my office every hour to complain about the new server..


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