PERC3-DI Raid 5

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Any idea or rough estimate how long it takes to rebuild a drive? They are 73
GB 10k RPM drives on a 3 GHz Xeon with 1.5 GB ram. I am assuming the rebuild
is automatic, correctly me if I am wrong.

Also not sure if anyone knows the answer to this as it is more a sales /
warranty issue. If I were to buy an identical 4th drive to the 3 that are
currently in my system (that is covered by a 3 years, 4 hour parts and labor
support contract), does this drive get the same support if it were to fail
or would it have its own support contract that may be next day replacement.


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1. Yes you could lose more then one drive if the hotspare had the time
to complete the rebuild before the next drive fell off line.  
As an Example: Let say that drive 0 fell off line.  Drive 3 would jump
in and rebuild taking over for drive 0.  If drive 2 failed prior to the
rebuild completing on drive 3 then the server would fail.  You cannot
lose more then one drive in a RAID 5 set.  

2. As far as setting this up with out losing data.  Yes you can.  Either
by using the AFACLI or by using the control-a bios utility.

In my experience if you have more then one drive fail in a short period
of time like over a weekend then there is something more then just a
drive at fault.


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I have a 2650 with the PERC3-DI card doing Raid 5 (73 GB x 3). I want to
a 4th 73 GB drive (same drive from Dell) so that I have a hot spare.

I have 2 questions...

1) If I add a 4th drive as a hot spare, I can afford to lose 2 hard
and still be running fine with no data loss on the other 2 drives right?
do not want to add additional storage space, but just use this 4th drive
a "hot spare" (I think this is the right term?) so I can afford to lose
additional drive (I don't want to be out of town and worry if 1 drive
that another will too before I can get back to fix it, the chance 2 go
during a week seems very unlikely to me).

2) This server is currently a live server running my email and web site.
I add this 4th drive into the array without rebuilding linux? I can
to reboot it (which I assume I will need to do to get into the Raid
utilities to add it) but I do not want it to be down for an entire day
reinstall linux and configure it.


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