OpenManage and bootable OS on a CD

Brian Smith BSmith at
Tue Apr 27 07:43:00 CDT 2004

Hi Paul,

Check out BartPE at for an excellent WinXP
bootable CDROM platform.  It should serve as a good OS starting point.  I
used BartPE to create a CD bootable WinXP environment to update USRobotics
modems on our Linux boxes since USR doesn't make a Linux flash utility.  I
ended up not needing it, but got it to work.

- Brian

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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever seen or done a bootable OS such as 2000/NT but with an
OpenManage install hacked into so you can basically boot from a CD and boot
a windows 2000 or NT4 shell (just like sysinternals ERD) and then run
OpenManage without running any OS, just booting from the CD. That way you
could get access to The raid card, system chassis status, alert logs, event
logs, rac control panel etc all from the read only boot cd. Has anyone
though of doing this? I think this would be an awesome tool to have around,
great if you run os XYZ and just need to look at server logs or raid card
admin but your OS doesn't support OpenManage and the associated omsa stuff.
Almost like the server assistant, identical but actually has a functional
OpenManage on it too.

I might look into making one

I will let you all know how I go :)


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