No PERC4 for PowerEdge 2650?

Andrew Mann amann at
Mon Apr 26 00:01:00 CDT 2004

    I don't know if the claim is accurate or not, but during a 
conversation late last week with Dell tech support here in the US I was 
informed that you can no longer order a 2650 with an Adaptec based raid 
controller. The integrated raid controller on 2650s ordered "recently" 
is supposedly an LSI controller now.  Wether it's called a Perc3/Di, a 
Perc4/Di or something else I don't know.


Kevin Merritt wrote:

>I too am interested in others perspectives on software vs. hardware
>RAID, but thought that I would share that for whatever reason, you can
>only order a 2650 with a PERC/3 from the small business "side" of Dell's
>site, but you can configure a 2650 with PERC/4 from the medium-to-large
>business side. Alternatively, you can configure a 2650 from the small
>biz side with no PERC card and then add a PERC/4 from "Software and
>In our experience, no matter what else you do, you should avoid the
>PERC/3. It simply under-performs, even relative to software RAID.
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>>Subject: No PERC4 for PowerEdge 2650?
>>I am considering a PowerEdge server for a Web database 
>>application running Redhat Enterprise Linux 3, and I want to 
>>run RAID 10 so the PowerEdge 1750's three disk limit 
>>eliminates it as an option.
>>I have been reading that the PERC4 controllers perform much 
>>better than the PERC3 controllers, but it appears that PERC4 
>>isn't available via the online configuration utility for the 
>>PowerEdge 2650; however, it is available for the PowerEdge 
>>1750. The 2650 specifications say that the PERC4-DC 
>>controller is available so why isn't it an option in the 
>>online configuration utility?
>> From what I have read in these forums, it appears that 
>>software RAID on Linux performs better than hardware RAID for 
>>reads and almost as good for writes, but you have to manually 
>>execute some commands before you can hot swap a drive. Does 
>>the Dell RAID monitoring still work with all the features if 
>>you run SW RAID instead of HW RAID? Are there other drawbacks 
>>to running software RAID vs hardware RAID with the 
>>PERC3/PERC4 controllers?
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