Problem bringing PE1600SC to live again.

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First off thanks for the response.

It seems to happen all the time, but if I don't wait for a couple of minutes switching the machine on a second time doesn't even bring up the leds on the power and the CD anymore. In that case really nothing seems to happen.

In your case the problem seems to be with the batteries used by the bios to keep the non-volatile memory stored. This seems not to be my problem I think as this would mean that the problem would not have started while the machine is running.

Does any-one have an idea what the symptoms are of a CPU failure. Would it just not boot but power up the various fans in the system.

I assume that the way the system boots is that it starts with a sort of inventory in the bios code that makes an inventory from all available hardware and what to do with it. What happens if one or both CPU's fail the test isn't clear. Would it just stop then and there, or would it give beeps to identify the problem? Would it just start the fans system cooling anyway.

This seems to be a very hard to diagnose problem, but assuming that some-one else has had problems with the CPU before perhaps they could let me know the symptoms so I can eliminate it from the list of possible problems.


Rien Otterman

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This happens over and over, or just once?  I have older 1550's; many of them
are now experiencing the situation where after a hard power off, the _first_
press of the power button shows two LED's turn on followed by an immediate
power off.  The second press of the power button brings it back up, HOWEVER
with invalid BIOS settings (I'm forced to go into BIOS and change anything,
then save settings, in order to boot again -- typically I lose time/date and
PXE boot settings, and I only bother restoring the PXE boot because time/date
will be rewritten by NTP).

If you have tried pressing power several times, the two things I can think of
are: disconnect power, wait a minute or two, reconnect and try again -- or --
remove BIOS battery; wait a minute or two, power up (and power down if it
actually does try to power up), restore BIOS battery, and try again.

Dan W.

> Pressing the power button did light up the two green lights, but
> didn’t start the boot process. It didn’t start the
> video, bios, scsi. Nothing of the usual goodies.

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