which port is racadm (remote) using to contact a server - withdrawn

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Sat Apr 24 02:38:00 CDT 2004

Sorry, stupid me.
It was a username/password problem in my request.
racadm is not very forwarding with information in case of errors.

with -u user -p password, it works.

---------- I wrote ----------------------
If racadm is used remotely to contact the RAC card in a Poweredge
server, which port(s) is(are) used for communication?

I get:
racadm -r [IP-ADDRESS] getsysinfo
racadm getsysinfo:: transport failed

It may be a firewall problem, because the is a packetfilter between the
local host and the remote Poweredge.
I need to configure the packet filter correctly to get the racadm
traffic through.

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