RedHat Linux says "power down", the PE2650 ignores the suggestion.

Chuck Reid chuck at
Fri Apr 23 13:32:01 CDT 2004

I run a number of PE2650s as RedHat Linux servers. I also have a number of
Solaris boxes. I am trying to create a script which will take down a
number of non-critical boxes in my machine room, anticipating this summer's
rolling power failures.

In the Solaris environment, I can remotely issue (via SSH Remote Command
Execution) an "init 5" command which shuts down the OS and then powers
off the hardware.

Under RH Linux (many flavours from 7.2 through RHEL through Fedora),
running on my old PII-300 PC, when I issue an "init 0" .. the OS is
pulled down and the last thing on the console is the statement "Power
Down" .. then my hardware is turned off.

When I try this same approach on my PE2650, the OS goes down but the
hardware doesn't respect the signal from the OS to do a physical
power down. Again, the last message on the console is "Power Down".

Is there a trick on the PE2650s to cause a Power Down signal from the
OS to be respected and to cause a shut off of the hardware? I am a little
confused why my almost 10 year old PC will do this perfectly but my
brand new PE2650s can't figure this out given identical RH releases and

When I talked to Dell support, the fella there suggested that I didn't
have some RedHat modules configured correctly. He didn't know which modules
and suggested I ask the question here. Unfortunately, I didn't have to
configure any modules to get my RH9 system to shutdown on my 10 year old
PC .. the exactly the same RH9 configuration on the PE2650 doesn't do
the shutdown. Needless to say, I think the tech rep was guessing.

Anybody want to suggest an alternate answer which also fits the
scenario I can demonstrate on my 10 year old PC?

Thanks for anything offered!!

Chuck Reid
Univ of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

chuck at

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