Kickstart PE1750 with RHEL AS 3

Rich Wilson rwilson at
Thu Apr 22 18:51:00 CDT 2004

We got it working, we had some bad floppies.


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Subject: Kickstart PE1750 with RHEL AS 3

Hello all, 

We are having problems kickstarting some new PE1750's with RHEL AS 3.  The
servers do not have the megaraid controller, and the install cannot find any
drives through the LSI controller.  Installing from CD works fine.  I have
loaded the drvblock.img floppy but still no drives are found, even attempted
to load the driver disk from cdrom (hdc during install).  Our ks.cfg has
defined "device scsi mptscsih" but that doesn't work either.

Is there something I am missing here?  

Attached is ks.cfg.


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