Poweredge 2650 RAC firmware 3.10 - no sensors anymore

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Thu Apr 22 18:27:00 CDT 2004

Pull the pci riser for 30 seconds and reinstall
and then it should work fine.

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Subject: Poweredge 2650 RAC firmware 3.10 - no sensors anymore

I have updated the RAC formwar of a poweredge 2650 today from version
1.0 (or 1.1) to 3.10

Now I have these problems:

No sensors available in web browser interface.

Also RAC.pm sripts find no sensors anymore.

Is there something I missed, or is d_a1215v31_bm.exe a broken software


I also have a few other questions:

- how to chnage the IP address of the RAC card?
- how to chnage the login password of the RAC card from root/calvin to
something else?

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