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Thu Apr 22 12:47:01 CDT 2004

In theory that would be no different the Dell sending a new backplane,
motherboard, procs, and mem for this system.  If they were to do that
you should not have to reinstall.  The RAID configuration is stored on
the drives as well as in NVRAM on the controller so the new system
should read the drive config save it in NVRAM and boot the OS.  I could
see the possibility that a non-destructive would be run on the array
after the swap out. That could cause some performance issue for few
hours but other then that this should be a five minute deal.  

The other thing that I would do on the new server is to make sure to
POST it up once with no config or to clear the container off it before
swapping drives just to make sure that when you insert your drives into
the server the controller has no configuration on it so the only place
to get the config would be from the drives.

Also make sure that the two systems are the same 2650.  There are two
different models.  One is a 400 FSB and one is a 533 FSB.  There may be
some unforeseen issues if one is a 533 and one is a 400.  The easiest
way to tell is by checking the CPU fans.  The 400 has one fan on each
CPU and the 533 has two fans on each CPU.

Hope that helps
Jason Mick
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I just checked both a 4400 and 2550, the Perc/Di is a aacraid card.

On 22-Apr-04, at 12:47 PM, Adam Williams wrote:

> 2650 comes with an aacraid card, perc3/di is megaraid.  you'd loose 
> all yoru data because the raid containers arent' compatible.  you'd 
> have to back it up and restore the data.
> Josh Lothian wrote:
>> So we have a PE2650 hanging randomly on us.  In the case that it dies
>> completely, we'd like to be able to just move some of the internal
>> drives from one of the RAID groups over to another PE2650 with a Perc
>> 3/Di without any data loss.  I know this has been answered on the
>> before, but I forget what that answer was, and my searching skills
>> apparently broken today.
>> thanks much,
>> -jkl
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