[despammed] Monitoring PERC3/4 using megaraid2

Trevor Marshall tmarshall at tirawireless.com
Thu Apr 22 12:34:00 CDT 2004

This seems like a simple solution but I can't locate an 'optimal' string to search for; my only megaraid servers have perc/dc and perc4/di ..
[root at apollomail1 root]# ls /proc/megaraid/0/
config  mailbox  stat  status

And none of these files seem helpful.. 'cat status' shows only "TBD" , whatever that means.
Is this megaraid 1 and not 2? 

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> etc - what i need to know though is the string that gets displayed whe a
> drive dies - I guess 'Offline' but i'd like it if anyone can confim that or
> tell me what the actual string is.
> I can then monitor for the presence of that string and alarm if it is there.

I just put the following line in root's crontab:

grep -ih state /proc/megaraid/*/raiddrives-* | grep -v optimal

Simple is beautiful ;)


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