Moving drives between Perc 3/Di cards

Sean McAvoy sean.mcavoy at
Thu Apr 22 11:56:00 CDT 2004

I just checked both a 4400 and 2550, the Perc/Di is a aacraid card.

On 22-Apr-04, at 12:47 PM, Adam Williams wrote:

> 2650 comes with an aacraid card, perc3/di is megaraid.  you'd loose 
> all yoru data because the raid containers arent' compatible.  you'd 
> have to back it up and restore the data.
> Josh Lothian wrote:
>> So we have a PE2650 hanging randomly on us.  In the case that it dies
>> completely, we'd like to be able to just move some of the internal
>> drives from one of the RAID groups over to another PE2650 with a Perc
>> 3/Di without any data loss.  I know this has been answered on the list
>> before, but I forget what that answer was, and my searching skills are
>> apparently broken today.
>> thanks much,
>> -jkl
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