Which distribution should I use ?

Shaw, Marco Marco.Shaw at aliant.ca
Thu Apr 22 09:32:00 CDT 2004

> I've been testing Scientific Linux, which just came out 
> yesterday by the fine folks at Fermi Labs aka US Dept. of Energy. 
> It is based entirely on RHEL AS3 and is designed for server 
> use. It's free and has the latest patches and updates rolled 
> in. We are considering using it for all our servers here at 
> work. Beats having to pay Red Hat $1500.00 a server every 
> year. It also includes many of the packages that Red Hat 
> decided to leave out of RHEL AS3 such as mysql-server, pine 
> and so forth. These you would normally have to pay additional 
> fees to access from Red Hat's site. Here's the URL for the 
> latest ISO: ftp://linux21.fnal.gov/linux/iso/sl30rolling
> The nice thing about this Red Hat derivative is that if 
> something is designed for use with RHEL AS3 this will be 
> fully compatible. Hope that helps. KJ

Is it just me or there isn't any md5sum for this?


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