Hard drive detection order

Shaw, Marco Marco.Shaw at aliant.ca
Thu Apr 22 08:49:06 CDT 2004

My apologies for reading too fast... This problems seems to be during

Sorry for top-posting.  See below.

> > having is while installing Rocks cluster dist (I understand 
> > its based on RHEL 3), the 
> > anaconda
> > installer detects the external RAID first, thus assigning 
> it /dev/sda 
> > and the
> > internal RAID becomes /dev/sdb. This causes several headaches while 
> > installing the
> > OS. The installer by default prefers /dev/sda to install 
> the OS image.

To change the order on install, you will have to manually load the 

Quick and dirty howto example for RH2.1AS:

Load the CD, instead of just hitting enter to do a regular install:

A Welcome to Red Hat Linux ... screen appears.  At the command prompt, 
type expert noprobe, then press Enter.

The Devide window appears with the following message: Do you have a 
driver disk?.  Tab over to No, then press Enter.

Accept the defaults for language, and keyboard.

In the Installation Method windows, ensure that Local CD ROM is 
selected, and press Enter.

In the Devices window, press Tab to select Add Device, press Enter:
a. Make sure SCSI is selected, and press Enter.

Note: The 2 following device drivers must be added in this specific 
order, or several conflicts will occur with how the server boots.

b. Using the up and down arrow keys, select Adapted AACRAID (aacraid), 
and press Enter.
The driver is loaded onto your system, and the Devices window

c.Go throught a similar process as above, and select Qlogic 2300
and press Enter.	

Press Tab to select Done, and then press the spacebar.

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