Hard drive detection order

Shaw, Marco Marco.Shaw at aliant.ca
Thu Apr 22 08:15:00 CDT 2004

This depends on the order found in /etc/modules.conf for all 
'alias scsi_hostadapter' entries.


Alias scsi_hostadapter aacraid
Alias scsi_hostadapter1 qla2x00

In the above example, whatever is attached to the on-board
SCSI controller will get /dev/sda, and whatever is attached
to the Qlogic fiber card will get /dev/sdb.

RHEL 3.0 comes packaged with 'devlabel' which is a work-around
to this "problem" if you cannot configure modules.conf to
your requirements.


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> Subject: Hard drive detection order
> Hello,
> We have a PV200S directly attached to a PE2650 through a Perc 
> 3DC with about 700GBs of RAID 5. The 2650 also comes with an 
> internal (infamous) 
> Perc 3Di
> card for RAID 0 on 2 internal disks. The problem we are 
> having is while installing Rocks cluster dist (I understand 
> its based on RHEL 3), the 
> anaconda
> installer detects the external RAID first, thus assigning it /dev/sda 
> and the
> internal RAID becomes /dev/sdb. This causes several headaches while 
> installing the
> OS. The installer by default prefers /dev/sda to install the OS image.
> I checked the hard drive detection order in the BIOS and Perc 
> 3DC is listed last after the Perc 3Di.
> Has anyone noticed anthing like this before? Am I missing 
> something obvious here? If not, how can I reverse the HD 
> detection order?
> TIA.
> Kiran
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