Hard drive detection order

Kiran Thyagaraja kiran at UH.EDU
Thu Apr 22 08:04:00 CDT 2004

We have a PV200S directly attached to a PE2650 through a Perc 3DC with
about 700GBs of RAID 5. The 2650 also comes with an internal (infamous) 
Perc 3Di
card for RAID 0 on 2 internal disks. The problem we are having is while
installing Rocks cluster dist (I understand its based on RHEL 3), the 
installer detects the external RAID first, thus assigning it /dev/sda 
and the
internal RAID becomes /dev/sdb. This causes several headaches while 
installing the
OS. The installer by default prefers /dev/sda to install the OS image.

I checked the hard drive detection order in the BIOS and Perc 3DC is listed
last after the Perc 3Di.

Has anyone noticed anthing like this before? Am I missing something obvious
here? If not, how can I reverse the HD detection order?



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