megaraid update RH ES 2.1 - 1750

Goodrich, Wayne E CONT FFC Wayne.E.Goodrich at
Thu Apr 22 07:54:01 CDT 2004

I have not tried it, but this is from the errata alert:

The following drivers were updated:

LSI megaraid2 v2.10.1.1
IBM Serveraid v. 6.11.07
MPT Fusion v.

So maybe double check that that driver is indeed there, and rename it in modules.conf and make your initrd. I imagine it refused to makeinitrd when it complained about the driver?


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just ran up2date on some of our PE 1750 running RH ES 2.1 somehow the 
megaraid_2002 module have changed named or something as after upgrading to 
kernel 2.4.9-e.40smp the system will not boot.

Anyone experienced this?



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