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Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
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> Hi, I run a smallish system of 30 or so Poweredge machines.
> I am currently sketching out requirements and a rough design for an
> inventory system. The idea being I can go to a single page and see all
> my machines. Or see all the machines which are using package blah, or
> which machines have a certain model of drive. etc...
> The questions I have are basically, does anybody know of such an
> application (would have to be free, there is no budget for this)?
> Secondly, part of the application will be a data gatherer which will
> run on the client machines every night and post the current
> configuration to a master server. I can find a lot of useful
> information in /proc but a couple of things would be nice and I cannot
> find out where to get them from:
> a) How many dimm sockets are in the machine and which are populated
> b) type of Dell hardware, i.e. Poweredge 2640, 1650 etc.
> Does anybody know how to find either of these out?

dmidecode from lm_sensors can tell you all of this (and much more). You don't 
need lm_sensors to be working, just installed.


P.S. Mail me if you want an example of the output it gives.

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