Hardware inventory

Robin Kearney robin at riviera.org.uk
Thu Apr 22 06:45:01 CDT 2004

Hi, I run a smallish system of 30 or so Poweredge machines.

I am currently sketching out requirements and a rough design for an 
inventory system. The idea being I can go to a single page and see all 
my machines. Or see all the machines which are using package blah, or 
which machines have a certain model of drive. etc...

The questions I have are basically, does anybody know of such an 
application (would have to be free, there is no budget for this)?

Secondly, part of the application will be a data gatherer which will 
run on the client machines every night and post the current 
configuration to a master server. I can find a lot of useful 
information in /proc but a couple of things would be nice and I cannot 
find out where to get them from:

a) How many dimm sockets are in the machine and which are populated
b) type of Dell hardware, i.e. Poweredge 2640, 1650 etc.

Does anybody know how to find either of these out?


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