nic bonding on pe8450 locks up

Mark Watts m.watts at
Wed Apr 21 11:01:01 CDT 2004

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> Thanks, Mark, but it appears that Mandrake is a closer cousin to
> RedHat than to SuSE. I don't have interface config scripts like this,
> only SuSE's rc.config.

Yeah - Mandrake (in its first incarnation) was RedHat + KDE, although its much 
more than that now.

> I do have this working on a different server, with a pair of NICS
> (instead of a dual-port card) and have no problem with it. I'm
> concerned that the PE8450's Dell-supplied card may be the problem,
> and that I'd be forced to pull it for two cards that will do bonding.
> I'm still open to suggestions for making the dual-port card work, and
> I'm especially hopeful that somebody has been successful.

I have successfully bonded two bcm5700 cards (using both bcm5700.o and tg3.o), 
both ports on a dual port Intel Pro/1000 MT cards, both ports on a dual port 
Intel Pro/100 card as well as two individual Intel Pro/100 cards.
All these were using the bonding.o driver in conjunction with the normal card 
drivers (e100 in the case of the 100mbit Intel cards) on various Mandrake 
versions (all with 2.4.x kernels)

Sorry I can't be much more help.


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